How does Tailor Ads work?

Tailor’s intuitive Ad Wizard helps you create a well-designed, compelling ad for your campaign. Our platform is affordable and easy to use, and it’ll bring you hundreds of results before you can even blink.


Is Tailor Ads free to try?

Yes! Signing up to Tailor Ads doesn’t require a credit card; it’s 100% free.
You can browse through our platform and create beautiful ads at no cost – only buy them if you like them.

How can I reach your 24/7 Customer Support?

To reach our success ninjas, simply email [email protected] and our team will be happy to help.

How Does The Pricing Work?

Our pricing method is simple – you can choose from several subscription plans at varying prices, depending on your needs. Just head over to our Pricing Page tofind the plan that works best for you.

What File Type Is The Ad I Download?

The ad comes in a jpg format, at your preselected size (1080×1080 or 1200×628).

Can I Cancel My Plan?

You can cancel your monthly subscription any time, and annual plans can be canceled for the following year. However, we encourage you to first reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns – they are more than happy to help!

What Are Downloads Credit?

A download credit gives you one, high-resolution standard ad file download. Each plan includes a limited number of download credits that will renew every month (for both monthly and annual subscriptions). However, unused download credits don’t accumulate from month to month – so make sure to use them wisely!

How Does The Billing Cycle Work?

You decide how you’d like to be billed – annually or monthly. The annual plan will bill you once per year, as one payment. Or, you can select the monthly subscription, which will renew each month on the same day and bill you once per month.

Can I use The Files After My Subscription Is Over?

Absolutely! The files you download are yours forever.

Can I Sell The Ads I Make?

Sure, feel free to re-assign and re-sell the ads you make to a different owner. However, please note that when you do so, the rights to these ads (as well as the license) will expires and be transferred to your recipient.

Can I Upgrade My Plan?

Always! Just choose the number of downloads you want, and you can upgrade your plan whenever you’d like.

I Want Only 1 Ad, Do I Have To Buy A Plan?

To bring the best possible results to your campaign, we offer you hundreds of creative ads based on your design preferences – for free! However, you can only download your first ad once you sign up with a plan. Try our Basic plan if you’re feeling hesitant; you can always upgrade later.